Rental Terms & Conditions

Edwards Estates updates their website daily. In this way and under normal circumstances, rental properties shown on our website are currently available.

Long term property rentals are normally for a period of eleven months. The prices on our website are priced per month and are based on this period. Please consult with us if you wish to rent for a shorter period, i.e. 5 or 6 months (please see below for summer periods). Rent is paid 1 month in advance plus a 1 (or 2 month deposit), depending on the property owner, required as a deposit against any possible miss-use or damage, which is refundable at the end of the rental period subject to a property inspection. (Please note that the deposit is held by the owner, not us, the Agent). Cost of electricity, gas and water is normally charged separately and paid for by the tenant. Private swimming pool maintenance (where applicable) is born by the tenant and can be arranged for the rental period. Community fees (if applicable) are normally included in the monthly rental price and paid for by the owner.

Pets: We receive many requests to have pets in a rental property. This decision rests entirely on the property owner's permission. If you wish to bring pets please make your enquiry upon a specific property (reference no.) and not in a general manner. Where possible, we mark properties on our website, when applicable, as "pet friendly""

Bookings: With regard to making a reservation, and unlike short term holiday rentals, all of our properties that are available can be rented immediately, even the same day. If you wish to visit the area in advance of the date that you wish to commence renting, we suggest only a few weeks beforehand. To the contrary, most property owners will not accept an advance booking. Again, unlike holiday lets, long term rentals are for 11 months and therefore there are no "gaps" so to speak, to fill in. Rental contracts are signed between the property owner and the tenants, in the Spanish language, but we supply translated copies in English, French, Dutch & German.

Summer Period: Please note that during the summer months, some property owners remove their properties to take advantage of the higher summer rental prices, returning their property to the long term rental market after the summer and usually at the beginning of the autumn.

However, properties that are available in spring and early summer may sometimes be subject to an increase in price by the property owner as a result of the summer situation. Edwards Estates will advise clients on any given property, if this is the case. Tenants that wish to rent for a six month period covering the summer period may also be subject to an increase in price per month for the same reason. When enquiring for the summer period, please state how many months are required.

Payments: Can be made in cash or with Visa or Master Card in our office. Also, payment or an advance deposit can be sent by bank transfer from within Spain or abroad. Please enquire for our bank details.


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