Festival of San Antonio de Padua


On June 13th every year, the village of Frigiliana celebrates and honours its Patron Saint, San Antonio de Padua. The celebrations last for 5 days (this year between the 12th & 16th June) and this period of time is known as the Feria de Frigiliana (Frigiliana Fair).

During the 5 days of Feria there is a vast array of different activities taking place for all the family to enjoy including Fairground rides erected on and around the Plaza de las Culturas. The popular bumper car ride in particular, offers an odd sight in such an historic village.

The Feria starts with a grand gala to elect the King and Queen of the fair. This is normally held at the start of the festivities and can be quite a spectacle as the young adults of the village compete to win such an honour.

The King and Queen participate throughout the whole of the Feria and will take a leading role on the day of the pilgrimage (June 13th) to honour San Antonio. The pilgrimage travels through the village and finishes with a big party in the Puerto Blanquillo area on the outskirts of the village.

During the pilgrimage, visitors will see decorated Oxon leading the way with an effigy of the saint himself being carried through the streets, horses, musicians, traditional flamenco clothing worn by the families of the village and plentiful flowers and colour.

Every year special artists are invited to perform during the Feria and this year, part of the evening entertainment will be a performance by singer, Joana Jimenez, an original winner of the Spanish TV music competition known as ‘Copla’. She has performed all across Spain as well as overseas, and will now be gracing Frigiliana with her elegance and dramatic Flamenco singing voice.

There will be fireworks, concerts & events take place during both the day and night throughout the whole of the Feria with a wide range of tastes catered for. During the 2019 Feria, there is even a nod to British music culture with an evening of music called ‘Remember Queen’ a tribute to the legendary British band.

On Sunday June 16 the village will be holding a water festival, with the installation of an inflatable water park on the football field of La Horca. A real family fun day which promises to be wet, wet, wet – hopefully we will also be enjoying the wonderful Spanish sunshine on this day!

As the Feria comes to a close every year, (normally at midnight) a huge firework display takes place that officially signals the end of the fair. This is a magnificent sight over the historic buildings in the village and one that is worth staying up for.

The Feria is vibrant and loud but is mixed with good humour and fun. There really is something for everyone and cameras are normally kept pretty busy during the 5 day event capturing all the wonderful things taking place.

For any visitors that are in the village at this particular time of the year, a complete program of the fair & all of its events can be found on the web site of Frigiliana Town hall or Tourist office: