FRIGILIANA - An Advertising Hot Spot


It has long been established that Frigiliana is one of the prettiest villages in Spain with its cobbled streets, hidden alleyways, pretty flower pots, historic locations and stunning countryside views, so it is little wonder that Frigiliana provides such a wonderful back drop for many different Production & Advertising Companies.

However, people may be surprised to hear how many well known Companies choose Frigiliana as their location to promote their brand/product or to film the next big blockbuster movie.

Despite the recent increase in the promotion of Frigiliana as a wonderful village and Spanish location, the use of Frigiliana as a filming location is not a new phenomenon.

Back in the 80’s a very famous UK dating show called ‘Blind Date’ hosted by Cilla Black featured Frigiliana in one of its ‘date locations’ – the Garden Restaurant hosted the ‘date’ with the locals filling the remaining tables whilst the film crew went to work. Memories of the 30 year plus event are a little vague now and it can no longer be confirmed that the ‘date’ went on to be a successful encounter!

Another interesting event happened some years back when Dolmio, the well known Italian Sauce Company filmed one of their TV adverts here in the village. Local ladies were asked to participate and were dressed in ‘all black’. Dolmio then went on to create a scene that resembled ‘old Italy’ much to the amusement of those in the know, because of course, they were actually in Spain!

Dating Shows, Food Companies, Tyre Manufacturers (Pirelli), Music Videos........................................

In 2010, a music video was shot in Frigiliana and the surrounding area by Sharon Corr (former member of The Corrs) for her first solo album ‘Dream of You’. The video was shot for the promotion of her first solo single ‘Everybody’s got to learn sometime’.

It was lights, camera, action back in 2014 as Frigiliana became the location for a new movie. The years were rolled back as the film, called Follow Your Sunshine, was set in the 1950s. The movie was to be the first part of trilogy, The Lovaganza Convoy & its French directors, Genevieve and J F Gagnon brought a team of 50 people to the town and 25 extras were chosen from among 500 local candidates who attended the casting session. In addition, the historical centre was closed to traffic to create the images of a by-gone time as actors in period costume strolled through the cobbled, traffic free streets.

Many visitors to Frigiliana often stumble across a Bride & Groom looking lovingly into each other’s eyes whilst dressed in the most beautiful dresses & suites but few of them realise that this is probably a Wedding Company taking its promotional wedding shots for its catalogue and online advertising campaigns and not a deeply in love couple enjoying one of the most important days in their life. Frigiliana is a very popular location with Wedding Companies throughout the year but we can also say, it is a fabulous location for our ‘real’ Brides & Grooms!

As well as wedding dresses being on display in the village, back in 2017 Oysho (the Spanish home wear & undergarment specialists) had some stunning models creating various poses & adding even more beauty throughout the village for one of their Spring/Summer catalogues.

In more recent times, Larios Gin has produced one of its TV commercials here but probably the most famous drinks brand to choose Frigiliana is Coca Cola, filming both a promotional campaign and producing advertising literature at the start of 2019. Once again, locals were included in some of the filming much to the delight of everyone here.

You may be forgiven for thinking that Frigiliana has been chosen as a production destination by mainly Spanish & European Companies, but just a week ago one of the most important TV Channels in Japan, NHK were filming a documentary in the historic quarter mostly navigating from the air. It was their 3rd visit to Frigiliana and NHK have commented that Frigiliana was selected due its ‘Architectural Beauty’ and the local mules that are still working in the village for local construction.

We can only agree