Frigiliana continues to be recognised as a place of growing importance within the Andalucía region, and this has been further cemented by its recent inclusion in a European project known as WIFI4EU as January.

This project has selected over 230 sites across Spain to roll out an initiative which will provide free internet connections to everyone, and Frigiliana is the only village/town selected in the Malaga area to be included in the first roll out phase of the initiative.

The aim of the project is to make available, free internet in all public spaces which would include locations such as parks, museums, libraries and tourist offices (where the first access point in Frigiliana is expected to be installed).

This EU initiative is expected to provide around 8,000 sites with free wifi access to the internet with speeds up to 30Mbps.

Nationally, Spain is set to receive over 3 million Euros from the first phase quota of 42 million, with each municipality chosen, agreeing to undertake maintenance of the system for at least 3 years.

Frigiliana has been awarded 15,000 Euros from the European funds to make this initiative a reality with at least 10 transmitting nodes being installed on municipal buildings over the next 18 months.

Antonio Manuel López, the councillor of new technologies at the Frigiliana town hall is said to be absolutely delighted at Frigiliana’s inclusion in the project.

WIFI4EU is a forward thinking and interesting project that will hopefully provide a high quality internet connection offered ‘free of charge’ to residents and visitors alike.

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