(Las Tres Culturas) The Three Cultures Festival


The preparations have started this week, with the decoration of the village ready for the magical festival of The Three Cultures (Las Tres Culturas) which officially starts on Thursday 23rd August.

During the month of August thousands of people descend on our pretty, white washed village for the four day festival known as The Three Cultures Festival.

Originally started back in 2006, the festival incorporates food, music and traditions that reflect different aspects of what the Christian, Arabic and Sephardic cultures have brought to the village. There are special menus created for the festival, musicians playing exotic music roam the streets and costumed street theatre performers put on shows to entertain the visitors. Our normally sleepy streets of Frigiliana come alive with a buzz of activity.

Based around the centre of the village, there is a street market and here you will find a wealth of different market stalls and food stalls offering all manner of things to try and buy. The large square known as the Plaza de las Tres Culturas, has a stage erected for musical performances which covers a wide range of different musical tastes.

If you drop by the official marquee in the towns centre (normally in the Pharmacy/Bank area), you can pick up a ‘tapa’ route card with a little map showing you all the bars taking part in the route. As you go from bar to bar get your card stamped and if you complete your tapa route through the village, you can collect a free t-shirt at the end of the night from the official marquee. The tapa route can be completed over the duration of the festival and thankfully, not in just one evening!

If you’re staying in Nerja or the surrounding area during the three cultures festival there is a bus service available from the bus station in Nerja that brings you up into the village for a minimal cost and is definitely the best way to visit Frigiliana during the festival period.


This is our favourite festival of the year and it is a spectacle to be seen. We consider ourselves to be very lucky to have such a lovely event on our doorstep!