Spring has sprung in Frigiliana!



Spring has sprung in Frigiliana, and with it there has been a number of bright and colourful new businesses  added to village life!

As Frigiliana continues to increase in popularity; not only with foreign tourism but also with local Spanish families both visiting on weekends and some even moving to the area, it is of no surprise that businesses new and old are flourishing from this trend.

With the arrival of May, we are blessed to now be enjoying consistent blue sunny skies and temperatures on a daily basis in the mid 20´s. The ambience in the village really captures the true essence of the spring, with jackets and full shoes very much a thing of the past, and locals and tourists alike enjoying life as it becomes more revolved around being outside.

One of the new businesses to open in the village really captures this spring vibe, this is ´Under 12´´ located just opposite the town hall on the main street of Calle Real in Frigiliana´s old quarter. In fact, it is Calle Real which has seen the influx of the new business ventures in the last 2 months.

Under 12 offers refreshing locally produced ice creams, both hot and iced coffees, baked goods including pastries and fresh bread, as well as a selection of locally produced products such as honeys, jams, and sweets. A very welcome addition to village life!

Just a few doors further down on the same stretch of Calle Real, is our next truly bright and colourful addition to Frigiliana; ´El Pequeño Piloto´ which translates to ´The Little Pilot´ a beautiful children's shop offering both clothes and toys all the way from new born babies up to children of 10 years.

El Pequeño Piloto and its bright attractive window displays really do attract the attention of both adults and children alike as you pass by. Specialising in wooden and educational toys , they offer original and quality pieces for all budgets whether it be a small token gift or a larger special present.

In addition to the large selection of toys & games, El Pequeño Piloto has an extensive selection of children & babies fashion. With a variety of styles and brands, there really is something for all tastes whether it be the fashion forward parent & child or a more classic look for a special occasion. A visit to Frigiliana really should involve a browse around this unique and exciting new store!

Our final new business can be found just before the famous church square; this is ´Siete´. An attractive men's and ladies fashion store specialising in T-Shirt´s of all styles and designs - perfect for this wonderful climate! Brought to the village by a Spanish family originally from Seville, who also brought us a beautiful jewellery store (just 12 months previously) located next door to Siete, which offers very attractive silver jewellery for every occasion.

For those that have always enjoyed perusing Frigiliana´s array of unique shops, you can relish in the knowledge that there are some exciting new additions for you to enjoy on your next visit. And for first time visitors to our wonderful area, make sure you allocate the time in your trip to take full advantage of Frigiliana´s treasures!