Would you like to sell your property FASTER and for a BETTER price?

Did you know that Home Staging can improve your chance of selling your house/apartment?

Statistics show that potential buyers make up their mind within the first 60 seconds of entering a property. Buyers need to imagine themselves living in the house and a good presentation of the property is essential for them to do that.

Edwards Estates collaborates with professional photographers, interior designers & building companies and can help with the preparation of your property for sale by offering the following:

Home staging services

Make minor improvements or repairs - such as ‘touch up’ painting, repairs to flooring etc

The use of neutral colours – there are many different tastes out there, but it is best to have the property as neutral as possible so that the majority of visitors feel comfortable in the environment. Edwards Estates can arrange neutral painting throughout a property or in specific areas/rooms.

Thorough cleaning – a dirty kitchen or bathroom gives a very bad impression. It is also important to remember to clean the windows (letting in more light).

Lighting – Open curtains and turn on lights in darker areas.

Create a positive first impression from the entrance of the house.

A nice smell helps to give a good impression – Having scented flowers, candles or fresh air fragrances in rooms.

The outside – it’s not just the inside of the property that is important but also the terrace, patio and garden areas, especially here in Spain when potential buyers will be outside for a generous amount of the year.

Photography – Perhaps the most important consideration is that of good photographs. And it’s not just about the camera, it’s the photographer! It is essential that the property is photographed & projected in the best possible manner.

It is important to remember that you are trying to sell a property and not your home!

There are some items that an owner should consider doing themselves (but of course, Edwards Estates can also assist with these if needed) such as:

·    Depersonalize to create a neutral environment – by packing away personal items, toys, photos etc. As above, it is important that the potential buyer can imagine themselves living in the property.

·         De-clutter – take away clothes and personal items to create the impression of space.


With a small investment Edwards Estates could help you raise the profile of your home and also attract more potential visitors and buyers.

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